Who was Claudot?


Andre Claudot

“Painting”, said Andre Claudot, “is the respect of the tones and their relationship, as in poetry or music”.

Andre Claudot was born on February 14th, 1892 in Dijon. His father, a luthier wanted him to become a cello player but as a child, he preferred to draw for hours, playing truant.

After a few years at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Dijon (School of Fine Arts), he joined the Arts Decoratifs in Paris where he lead a carefree, vagrant life. Drafted in 1914, he fought on war fronts and ended the war in the Orient in 1919.


Claudot Self Portrait

He came back to Paris and lived at “La Ruche”, an artist residence in Montparnasse district with Soutine, Bataglia and Chagall.

From 1926 until 1930, he was professor of painting and drawing in China, in Beijing and Hangcheou. Upon his return to France, he settled in Montmartre district in Paris until 1935, when he was appointed professor at the School of Fine Arts of Dijon. Revoked by the Government of Vichy during World War II, he joined the ranks of the Resistance and was a local in charge, for the “Front Populaire”, an alliance of left-wing movements in Spain and in France.

After the war, he opened a painting workshop in Brochon first, then in Dijon, where he settled at his Atelier of 3 rue Musette.



Claudot with Students

For over twenty years, Andre Claudot welcomed students, creating with the “Atelier”, an artistic movement which regular exhibits reached over the years the ovation of the critic for the talent and professionalism of the participating artists.


Painting at Atelier

In 1972, he was awarded in Italy, the First International Prize Vesuvio, crowning of his rich career.

Retired by 1979 at Loeuilley-sur-Vingeanne, after selling his Atelier to his student Gerard Mazuy, he died in June 1982. His ashes rest in the cemetary of his native city.

Translated from original text written by Michel Jobart




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