About Gerard Mazuy

Born on April 25th, 1935 in a family of farmers in Curciat Dongalon, a village in the region of Ain, France, Gerard Mazuy receives his parents’ blessings to leave for the city at 15.

He becomes a baker’s boy and apprentice under the mentorship of various bakers and pastry artisans, including the re-known artist pastry decorator Pedro Franchiolo. It is a time of defining life encounters, in the midst of the hardships of the trade and the times.

Drafted in the independence wars of Tunisa and Algeria as an alpine hunter, he returns to marry Helene Mazuy in 1959 and shortly after they open their first bakery-pastry shop in the heart of the working class district of Dijon city.

Brochure Mazuy First Store

Brochure Mazuy Brochure Store

With the help of his parents, as an answer to the need for quality artisan pastry-bakery making in the evolving consumer society of the 60’s they launch in 1968 the first modern manufacturing company.

From working with two employees in their first shop, in 1975, 105 people produce the every day bread and pastries servicing numerous neighborhoods in Dijon.
” Inauguration of the Marthe and Honorine ovens of the Mazuy bakery-pastry company”

Inauguration Ovens Mazuy



Gerard’s encounter with Master painter Andre Claudot on June 10th 1967 at the Ateliers de La Tour, in Dijon is decisive for this independent artist artisan who develops under his mentor a body of work exhibited in France and abroad.

Driven by solid compositions, in which color is the principal active element, a plastic alchemy generates warmed, flamboyant tones, testimony of his love for life and travels, in Italy, former Yugoslavia, Morocco, Grece, Cameroun, China, Corea, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, England, Belgium, Germany, Sicily, New York, Chicago and various regions of France.



Self Portrait

Self Portrait



Exhibits as an independent artist from 1967 till 1975:
– The Grand Palais, Paris.
– The City hall, Vitry-sur-Seine in 1969, 1970, 1971.
– The Amis des Arts in Louhans city, France.
– In Washington, USA.
– The 1iere Hall aux toiles, City Hall of the 4th district, Paris, 1974.
– The Hotel de Geneve.

In 1981, Gerard moves to Paris, Montmartre and becomes a member at the Association Paris-Montmartre, exhibiting with them at Galerie Taya, Tunisia, 1994 – Exhibit Paris, 1995 – Exhibit Marraech, 1995, Exhibit Hamburg, 1996.




To honor his mentor Andre Claudot and his debut at his painting classes, he reopens the Ateliers de La Tour, 3 rue Musette, Dijon in 1988 to serve talented yet isolated artists, and empower the discovery and values of art through intermittent exhibits of sculpture, painting, photography and engraving.

The First Opening Of Tbe Atelier De La Tour

Driven to celebrate art, its pedagogy, values, forms, vocabulary and feelings, at almost 80, Gerard Mazuy is humbled and proud to honor Andre Claudot his master and to inaugurate in 2015 a permanent exhibit at The Ateliers de La Tour of some of the major work of the artist along with his work, as a testimony of his influence in life and painting.